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Being externally focused is like being a leaf in the wind.  

You become susceptible to getting lost in other people's voices, rules and ambitions, all the while forgetting that you're here to forge your own path to success and happiness.

No wonder there's a part of you that feels like something is missing. 


Your authentic happiness is what's missing.

The truth is that you cannot be truly successful and happy living under someone else's terms. 

Intuition gives you your power back. 

It is your innate guidance system that transcends beyond the levels of thinking, feeling and the survival mechanism of your gut instinct, and accesses information that's rooted in your true nature and purpose, instead of the limited conditioning of your mind and current circumstances.

Intuition is not a thought or a feeling, but rather a deep knowing that is acknowledged at the core of your being. 

Following intuitive guidance gives you the power to redirect your life in a way that’s aligned with your highest potential, rather than wasting time stuck in your head trying to 'figure everything out'.

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Every leader has a team of advisors ensuring that they stay one step ahead. An Intuitive Advisor is a key player in that team. 

Because an intuitive consultant answers the burning question on the lips of every leader... what don't I see?

It can help you...

  • Get clarity on your next best moves in life and business

  • Confidence in making the 'right' decision

  • Show you what you're not currently seeing; whether it's a decision in business, the relationships that no longer serve you, an opportunity right in front of you, or your unrealised potential 

  • Understand your glass ceilings and the limiting subconscious structures that you're operating from

  • Save you time and mental exhaustion

  • Accelerate your personal and professional growth 



We’ve evolved into an intuitive age.


Gone are the days where our mental faculty is regarded as the highest form of intelligence.

And with the rise in entrepreneurs and public figures hiring intuitive professionals on their advisory teams, including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney to name a few, the lost skill of intuitive intelligence has become popularised in supporting leaders to create from their highest potential, leaving no desire unfulfilled, so that they can lead with the utmost influence, impact and integrity. 

The best place to start your intuitive consulting journey is with The Accelerator Roadmap.


I only work with an exclusive list of clients. If there is a synergy following the initial The Accelrator Roadmap call, then we can discuss longer-term consulting containers.  



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