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 Save yourself the time, money and mental effort that you would usually invest in trying to 'figure things out' and go straight to the source instead- the truth.

Because the TRUTH really does set you free.


As your Psychic Consultant, I cut through the noise and illusion of your busy mind and tune straight into your energy field, to identify the truth of your most aligned future path and the decisions that need to be made in the present in order to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, faster and easier



I'm Emma Zia and I have been a Psychic Guide, Mentor, Speaker and Spiritual Advisor for purpose-driven leaders for the last 6 years.


To put it simply...


Having access to me, is having access to what you can't currently see.


You could say it's the ultimate success hack.


Because having a Psychic Consultant by your side as you navigate the evolution of your life and your businesses, is like having your own success GPS on hand keeping you on the fast track in the right direction towards your success, so you can finally get off of the hamster wheel and into a heart-centred life. 

As the perfect blend of psychic guidance and practical strategy, working with me is taking the bigger picture of your authetnic success and grounding it into reality. 

I was born with the innate ability of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), pre-cognition and psychic access, and have also pursued the path of energetic mastery through qualifying as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner ™, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner ™, Energy Healer (Reiki, Alsemia, Seichem), Holistic Counsellor, Human Development Coach and Meditation Teacher. 


Getting crystal clear clarity on your next moves can collapse time.


The truth is that the time you spend dwelling in confusion, self doubt, or chasing after a life that isn't meant for you, is time taken away from you actualising your unique and unrealised potential.


Working with me at Uncaged Consulting will shift you from living in your limited mind to living in your limitless being.


You will learn how to leverage your energetic alignment to increase productivity, flow and efficiency, so that you can accelerate your personal and professional growth, whilst investing your sacred time and energy into what matters to you most. 



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