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Our Team.

Our team is comprised of Energetic Intelligence experts committed to delivering outstanding service to each and every one of our clients. 

As an industry accredited Energy Psychologist and Holistic Counsellor, Emma is fast becoming an influential voice in bridging metaphysics into the mainstream for excelled success. She has extensive experience in senior management roles for SME’s and large corporate organisaitons as an expert in sales, marketing and team development. Being known for her unique approach to catalyse and supercharge both personal and professional growth, Emma has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders of SME’s in the two core components of scaling to success; strategy and energetics. 

Gunther is a transpersonal psychology therapist specialising in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psych-K Ⓡ and the leading breath work therapy in the world, Oxygen Advantage Ⓡ. With 10 years experience facilitating Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping and Pranic Healing and working alongside the descendants of some of the top pioneers in consciousness development, Gunther has developed a powerful multi-modal approach to high performance.

As a prominent leader in the field of Human Design, Hayley utilises Energetic Intelligence to optimise health and business. With 20 years experience in the wellness industry and 7 years experience mentoring business owners, Hayley is a go-to authority for high achievers wanting to capitalise on their innate gifts and talents to excel both personally and professionally. Along with an impressive repertoire of working for some of Australia's most prominent events, brands and businesses, she has also built 2 x 6 figure businesses and continues to innovate in the space of human optimisation so that leaders can live with deeper alignment and fulfilment.  

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